My passion for music began in my childhood.

When I was 3 my parents took me to music classes for 5 years. I remember those years asa period full of diversion. Later on, at the age of 10, I went to guitar classes at Factoria de So, in Sta. Maria. With only 14 years, I started to be interested in electronic music. The following year, I became friend of one of the local artists, and I could put into practice and improve my knowledge about this subject. During this period, we organized many events through my friend’s promoter.

At the age of 18 I took the decision of studying and go deeper into the music industry as a music producer at Microfusa School. This way I started a new artistic career in Barcelona. During these years I had the chance to practice as a music producer collaborating at the Mutek Festival Barcelona, and I also could travel to the United Kingdon to share my musical projects with other students of the Solent University of Southampton.

At my 22, once I finished my studies and back to Majorca –my place of born- I decided to work for a period. Then, with my savings and with some help of my parents, I decided to begin a new project: my own recording studio.

Therefore, currently I’m at the beginning of a wonderful career as an independent music producer.